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Keyword Research

Often, Shelly Webber Consulting is contacted by potential clients with the same request: “I want my site to be Number 1 at Google. Can you do that?” Our first question is always, “Number 1 at Google for what search phrase?” Keyword research is the mechanism Shelly Webber Consulting uses to answer the question, “Number 1 at Google for what search phrase?”. After all, it is important to know what you want to do well for at search engines, before spending money on PPC advertising or optimizing your website.

Keyword research is the often over-looked, but absolutely necessary component to any search engine strategy, be it search engine optimization or PPC marketing. With keyword research, your company and Shelly Webber Consulting determines which keywords best describe your current website and, more importantly, which keywords your website or online marketing efforts should be targeting for maximum exposure at search engines and return on investment for your Pay-Per-Click campaign.

By doing keyword research, Shelly Webber Consulting creates a baseline for your current placement at search engines for your selected keywords from which your on-going optimization and advertising efforts can be measured and adjusted.

Keyword Research Process

Typically, the keyword research process begins with an initial consultation, where the client proposes a list of keywords for which they would like their website to do well for at search engines. With this potential keyword list, Shelly Webber Consulting then:

  • Analyzes your current website to see if your website organically places for your keywords
  • Analyzes your organic competition at search engines to see what website currently rank for your selected keywords
  • Analyzes your PPC campaigns to ensure that your keywords are included in your campaign
  • Compiles additional keywords based on what people are actually searching for.  The keyword you use for your product may not be the search phrase that people use to find your product.

After our research, Shelly Webber Consulting will continue to consult with the client to narrowly focus the keyword list. Even if your budget is unlimited, in most cases the keyword list should only contain 10-20 keywords or search phrases so that the resulting strategy is focused and that the success of the campaign can be tracked.

Once the keyword list has been narrowly-focused, Shelly Webber Consulting will:

  • Make recommendations for organic, on-page improvements for your selected keywords
  • Make recommendations for alterations to your PPC to maximize your ROI.
  • Develop an organic and PPC strategy utilizing the narrow list of keywords
  • Assist, as necessary, in developing your budget for onsite and PPC advertising campaigns.

Getting Started with Keyword Research

To get started with Keyword Research, please call Shelly Webber Consulting at 901-722-5938 or use our contact page to send us an email.


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Client Quote/Testimonial

Continental Utility Solutions, Inc.

The SWC team takes the complexity out of website management. SWC continually manages and improves my website and provides me detailed reporting of their performance.

Michael F Guerriero, CEO
Continental Utility Solutions, Inc.

Hawaii Live Music

I asked a new client yesterday how they found us. He said, "Oh, on the web. The other sites in your industry looked cheap, but yours didn't, it was very professional." And we got the gig, from NuSkin Korea, a very good client.

Rick Broadwell
Hawaii Live Music


Executive Financial Services, Inc.

This is the latest in a series of projects you have done for me. Your work quality, pricing and responsiveness are consistently superior. That's why I will continue to refer you to my clients and friends.

Kelly Finnell, President
Executive Financial Services, Inc.

Precision Specialties, LLC

Our website was a sales brochure on the internet buried in the Google search results, not getting the hits we desired with a bounce rate less than 2 seconds until Shelly Webber Consulting transformed it into a lead generating sales and marketing tool.

The investment with Shelly Webber Consulting is cost effective and better yet the results can be monitored unlike other expenses with traditional print advertising. Shelly Weber Consulting is easy to work with and responsive. They earned my trust and business!

Roger Szafranski
Precision Specialties, LLC

Wright Investment Properties

I found Shelly Webber Consulting to take a very consultive approach to designing our website. The staff really listened to what our project objectives were before offering their suggestions. It made us feel like they were an extension of our sales

Tracy Uphold, Region Director of Sales
Wright Investment Properties