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Whether you need a logo, website, brochure, tradeshow booth, PowerPoint Presentation, Video or custom Facebook or Twitter pages for your business, we have you covered.

SEO Templates

Almost every business understands the importance of having a professional, ascetically appealing website in promoting your brand. Equally, your website must act as a 24/7 online sales force for your business, offering information and interaction to website user’s outside your usual business hours. Finally, since most people visiting your business’ website will have originated their visit from a search engine, it is necessary that your website appeals to search engine spiders. With the many functions that your business’ website serves, it’s easy to see how website development can be both expensive and labor-intensive.

A More Cost-Effective Way

In addition to our fully customized website design, Shelly Webber Consulting offers a more affordable, less labor-intensive method of creating a professional, search engine friendly website for your business: SEO Templates. Shelly Webber Consulting has selected a (relatively) small selection of roughly 300 modern, professional website designs that utilize the latest web technologies like CSS and XHTML to create a customized, flexible websites for business. The templates that Shelly Webber Consulting offers clients come in every imaginable color, style and layout, so almost everyone will find a template that suits their businesses brand and on-going website development needs. In addition, these templates offer expandability, so that your website can grow as your business and services grow.

After the client selects one of the pre-approved templates, Shelly Webber Consulting will modify your template to your businesses brand by adding your logo, your pages, your images and your content, giving your website the unique feel that will set your website above and apart from your online competition. Since all of these pre-approved templates have been built to be search engine friendly, organically search engine optimization is included in the SEO Template design method. When the website design process is complete, your resulting website will be representative of your business and will be poised to achieve high search engine rank, helping to bring people to your website and business to your doorstep.

Who Should Use an SEO Template

  • Businesses or Professionals starting their first website
  • Businesses or Professionals that would like a professional looking and functioning website, but don't have full customization in their marketing budget
  • Businesses or Professionals who would like to have a small website (roughly 10-15 pages) but want the flexibility to add pages to their website as their business grows
  • Businesses who want a stream-lined development process that doesn't burden their staff or interrupt their business cycle

Not All Website Templates are Created Equal

The SEO Templates presented by Shelly Webber Consulting have been rigorously evaluated to ensure that the website built from them can perform well organically at search engines. However, not all website templates are created equally. When looking on the Internet, one can find literally millions of website templates ranging in price from free to several thousand dollars. Additionally, of these millions of templates, some are completely Flash, some have embedded Flash, others are strictly HTML, while others have been created specifically for a content management system. Because of the difference in the underlying code that is used to generate the template’s web pages, some website templates have the potential to do better at search engines than others. Shelly Webber Consulting has taken the time and care in creating a selection of templates that have organic search engine optimization potential. As such, we must be clear in stating that if a client selects a template outside the pre-approved SEO Template selection, Shelly Webber Consulting cannot assure success at onsite organic search engine optimization.

How to Begin

If you are looking to get started with one of your first sites on the internet, our SEO templates are a great place to start. Pricing varies but is generally based on the amount of modifications you want for the template you choose. Call Shelly Webber Consulting today at (901) 722-5938 for pricing.


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Client Quote/Testimonial

Hawaii Live Music

I asked a new client yesterday how they found us. He said, "Oh, on the web. The other sites in your industry looked cheap, but yours didn't, it was very professional." And we got the gig, from NuSkin Korea, a very good client.

Rick Broadwell
Hawaii Live Music


Precision Specialties, LLC

Our website was a sales brochure on the internet buried in the Google search results, not getting the hits we desired with a bounce rate less than 2 seconds until Shelly Webber Consulting transformed it into a lead generating sales and marketing tool.

The investment with Shelly Webber Consulting is cost effective and better yet the results can be monitored unlike other expenses with traditional print advertising. Shelly Weber Consulting is easy to work with and responsive. They earned my trust and business!

Roger Szafranski
Precision Specialties, LLC

Executive Financial Services, Inc.

This is the latest in a series of projects you have done for me. Your work quality, pricing and responsiveness are consistently superior. That's why I will continue to refer you to my clients and friends.

Kelly Finnell, President
Executive Financial Services, Inc.

Wright Investment Properties

I found Shelly Webber Consulting to take a very consultive approach to designing our website. The staff really listened to what our project objectives were before offering their suggestions. It made us feel like they were an extension of our sales

Tracy Uphold, Region Director of Sales
Wright Investment Properties

Continental Utility Solutions, Inc.

The SWC team takes the complexity out of website management. SWC continually manages and improves my website and provides me detailed reporting of their performance.

Michael F Guerriero, CEO
Continental Utility Solutions, Inc.