Custom Website Design

Custom Website Design with Shelly Webber Consulting allows our clients absolute control over the design of every visual aspect of their businesses website. The custom website design process begins with an initial consultation with a senior associate at SWC or with Shelly Webber, herself. During the initial consultation, our staff will help the client to develop their vision of how they would like their website to look and functions, taking into account the client’s brand, logo and existing marketing materials. Also, during the initial consultation, the scope of your website’s content, navigation and functionality will be discussed. This is the first step in a process that ultimately delivers a web presence built to our client’s exact specifications and functions fluidly within their existing business model. After all, your website should look the way you want it to and serve as an asset to your business.

The next step in creating a fully customized website is a face-to-face consultation with Shelly Webber Consulting’s in-house graphic artist or a graphic artist of the client choosing. The graphic artist will work hand-in-hand with both the client and Shelly Webber Consulting to create several graphic treatments of your website’s pages. By working collectively, Shelly Webber Consulting can ensure that the precise visual layout and the functionality work in accord on the finally realized website. During the creation of the treatments, the artist will edit the client’s website’s treatments as needed until the clients visual requirements have been met.

Finally, during the coding phase, the programming section of Shelly Webber Consulting will generate sleek, modern code making the artists treatments come to life as a fully functioning website.

Who Should Use Custom Website Design

  • Creative Professionals or Businesses centered on creative services
  • Business or Professionals who already have an existing website and want a radical departure from there existing website
  • Businesses or Professionals who demand a high level of branding
  • Businesses or Professionals that have a clear vision of how their website should look
  • Businesses or Professionals whose overall revenue is heavily based on their website
  • Businesses or Professionals that have a monthly PPC budget of over $1000

How to Begin

To schedule an initial consultation for custom website design, please call Shelly Webber Consulting directly at 901-722-5938.


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Client Quote/Testimonial

Hawaii Live Music

I asked a new client yesterday how they found us. He said, "Oh, on the web. The other sites in your industry looked cheap, but yours didn't, it was very professional." And we got the gig, from NuSkin Korea, a very good client.

Rick Broadwell
Hawaii Live Music


Wright Investment Properties

I found Shelly Webber Consulting to take a very consultive approach to designing our website. The staff really listened to what our project objectives were before offering their suggestions. It made us feel like they were an extension of our sales

Tracy Uphold, Region Director of Sales
Wright Investment Properties

Precision Specialties, LLC

Our website was a sales brochure on the internet buried in the Google search results, not getting the hits we desired with a bounce rate less than 2 seconds until Shelly Webber Consulting transformed it into a lead generating sales and marketing tool.

The investment with Shelly Webber Consulting is cost effective and better yet the results can be monitored unlike other expenses with traditional print advertising. Shelly Weber Consulting is easy to work with and responsive. They earned my trust and business!

Roger Szafranski
Precision Specialties, LLC

Executive Financial Services, Inc.

This is the latest in a series of projects you have done for me. Your work quality, pricing and responsiveness are consistently superior. That's why I will continue to refer you to my clients and friends.

Kelly Finnell, President
Executive Financial Services, Inc.

Continental Utility Solutions, Inc.

The SWC team takes the complexity out of website management. SWC continually manages and improves my website and provides me detailed reporting of their performance.

Michael F Guerriero, CEO
Continental Utility Solutions, Inc.